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Smeagull The Seagull

Smeagull Book Cover

 Smeagull is a wild herring gull and this is indeed a true story

Smeagull the Seagull comes to the house near the shore and knocks on the sliding glass door. He knocks when he’s hungry, and the people who live there feed him scraps (from sustainable fish, of course!). Smeagull rules the roost, and keeping up with his schedule is an exhausting job but when Smeagull disappears, it makes clear what an important family member Smeagull the Seagull has become.

About Mark and Valerie

The book is illustrated in full color by the graphic designer, Valerie Elaine Pettis, with rhyming text by Public Radio’s Mark Seth Lender.

Why We Made This Book

Smeagull the Seagull teaches young children that animals are precious and have needs and feelings and family, just like us. There are few places on earth without seagulls, both on shore and inland, and every child will find Smeagull captivating and yet familiar.

It is a good and moral story that will help jump-start the next generation of conservationists

The planet needs them! Smeagull needs them too

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