Living On Earth

Mark Seth Lender is a producer, essayist and web photographer for PRI’s Living On Earth, the only nationally broadcast program on Public Radio exclusively dedicated to Environment and Wildlife. His work, in his own voice, is heard nationally on 80% of the NPR network.

Hear Mark’s Broadcasts:

Matriarch Puts Her Foot Down
Akpatok Island
Polar Bear Cubs in Danger
Carcass Island
Stealing Dirt
Mt. Engadine, AB
Moose at the Wallow
Jasper National Park, AB
Lambs Learn to Climb
Arctic Fox


Black Lightening (Orca)
Hudson Straight
Bear on Ice
Broughton Archipelago, BC
The Iconic Salmon
Lac la Jeune, BC
The Trout are Speaking
Seal River, Nunavut
Singing with Beluga
The Long Rise
Grasslands National Park, SKS
Prairie Rattlesnake
Plains Bison
Arviat, NW Hudson Bay
On Arvia’juaq with Billy Ukatuk
Bear, Hunting