Oak Hammock Marsh

Migrating Western Kingbirds
Three Western Kingbirds in Oak Hammock Marsh near Winnipeg


Leopard Frog in Oak Hammock Marsh
Leopard Frog


Boy catching frog
Eliot, my toad catcher with a Yellowbear


Oak Hammock Marsh

The land around Winnipeg gives “flat” a new meaning, and the meaning is pavement.  But if you head north and keep on going you come to marshland that at once justifies that evened landscape, and explains what once might have been. The place is called Oak Hammock Marsh.  Migratory birds make their rest stop here.  I may have seen the beginnings of that, these juvenile Western Kingbirds all together on one branch. Perhaps too young to know I am by definition a threat, they looked and looked and did not fly away.  But the great show was on the ground.  Leopard frogs  – appropriately spotted as their name implies, and the size of two victorious fingers.  Canadian toads, small enough to fit comfortably on a copper Loonie, with jewel-like markings and deep all-seeing eyes. I was able to photograph the toads with the help of my intrepid assistant Eliot, A/K/A The Dreaded Wild Canadian Boy, whose gentle, frog-catching skills were unparalleled.

[Author’s Note:  After their respective photo-ops, all frogs and boy were returned safely to their respective homes.]

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